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Online Option Trading Course for Beginners

My course has 3 lessons taught on a practice account (You do NOT use your money to learn). I highly discourage using your investment money until you are ready with some experience, which is provided in my course.

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Lesson 1: Learn about which stocks have good options to buy and which ones do not, strategies, dollar cost averaging and more.

Lesson 2: Learn about the importance of the Greeks and how to apply that knowledge when selecting which contracts to buy.

Lesson 3: Learn how to breakdown how much to spend per contract based on your total capital for Option trading. In this lesson I also teach other strategies how to utilize weekly or daily trends to target a profit.

When you purchase this course, you will get an email on how to get started. You will select 2 consecutive days to schedule 1 hour zoom sessions for live instruction with me during the Option Trading hours. You will need the zoom app on your mobile device that allows screen sharing so I can walk you step by step to get you started on your trading journey.

NOTE: You must be at least 18 years of age to open your practice account.

Have you already taken a course but have new questions or want to learn more? 

Book a quick consultation or in-depth consultation and we can go over your questions together.

The information obtained and understood by Queen Kamilah on Stocks and the resources available for immediate purchase, use and download should not be constructed as “financial advice.” This stock trading program is not a substitute for financial advice as I am not an attorney, financial advisor, or accountant nor have I been portrayed to be. Course payments to Queen Kamilah on Stocks are non-refundable. Read full agreement

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