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Beginners Option Trading Course

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This course has 3 lessons, which are taught on a practice account. You do NOT use your money to learn. I highly discourage using your investment money until you are ready with some experience which is provided in my course. - Lesson 1: Learn about which stocks have good options to buy and which ones do not, strategies, dollar cost averaging and more. - Lesson 2: Learn about the importance of the Greeks and how to apply that knowledge when selecting which contracts to buy. Lesson 3: Learn how to breakdown how much to spend per contract based on your total capital for Option trading. In this lesson I also teach other strategies how to utilize weekly or daily trends to target a profit. When you purchase this course, you will get an email on how to get started. You will select 2 consecutive days to schedule 1 hour zoom sessions for live instruction with me during the Option Trading hours. You will need the zoom app on your mobile device that allows screen sharing so I can walk you step by step to get you started on your trading journey.

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