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Option Trading Lesson 1 Level 1

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This lesson you will learn how to buy and sell Option Trading contracts. It's designed to be as easy as possible so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Trading is actually fun and I want it to be something you look forward to each trading day. I will guide you step by step on what to do and let you know which stock your course will be taught on. I will instruct you on your next move when your in a negative because 'panic selling' is a very common and major mistake. You will get plenty practice with each lesson. Once you complete the minimum 5 trades you then can advance to the next lesson where I slowly add more skill. I've created this strategy from my own personal experience of trial and error. I Learned from each trade and each mistake I analyzed how to master and conquer for the next trade. I've now combined my knowledge and skills after in-depth research and practice. I re-evaluated hundreds of my trades to compose this course. No strategy is 100%, My course is designed to close each trade at a profit. Training your thought process to recognize all gains add up no matter how small and being realistic to start slow and build your Capital with patience.

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